Sunday, 20 December 2009

Scribe Update.

OK, this post may be dated on Sunday, but I didn't publish it on Sunday as I didn't finish writing it. All I did was jot the numbers down and save draft.

As it's Christmas Eve, I have better things to do than write an extensive post about it. I still have the Dungeon Finder Tool post to finish :P

So here are the numbers...

Seller #1: 2263 glyphs @ 5g each = 11,315g
Seller #2: 1672 glyphs @ 5g each = 8,360g
Seller #3: 1667 glyphs @ 5g each = 8,335g

Ink of the Sea: 2,704 @ 4g50sg each = 12,168g
Snowfall Ink: 1347 @ 11g each = 15,686g
Cash: 44,752g

For a total of 100,616 gold of which 44.5% is cash.

Last weeks figures were a glyph count guestimate and this weeks are spot on. The ready cash went up by 10K but the total dropped by a few hundred. I can cope with these figures.

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