Monday, 14 December 2009

Patch 3.3 Gold


So the glyph books were a blow out. I am slowly flipping them for profit, but that is taking time.

Saronite Ore. Selling for 120% pre-patch 3.3
Saroite Bars. Selling for 125% pre-patch 3.3 very slowly
Borean Leather. Market price not moved
H. Borean Leather. Selling for 100% profit of borean leather equivalent, but not much of a move.

I bought up loads of techniques and managed to sell a few for 99g each so thatwas some cash, but the expected inflation has not really occured to the extent that I had hoped and the rush to get the mats to make titanium and arctic fur hasn't materialised.

The price of titanium hasn't dropped yet and arctic fur's price seem steady. In fact they are 'up' at the moment.

The new glyphs sold well for a very short time but the prices have already tanked down to 3-5g. That is probably my fault for 'heavy undercamping' - the name for my glyph selling techniques. heavy undercutting with as much camping as my /afk schedule will allow.

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