Saturday, 5 December 2009

How did I Do With Pilgrim's Week?

What with milling, crafting, and other AFK parts of the glyph industry I generally find myself walking away from my PC entirely and doing something useful with my life. Combine that with the fact I can't updae my blog from work has seriously impacted my blogging.

So much so that I'm a bit late with the results of my trip through the Pilgrim Achievement.

Boost To Cooking Levelling.
I hope that everyone caught the news from other blogs that this event could you used to boost your cooking skill up to 340 for almost nothing. I bought a few extra ingredients and made sure all my alts bought the book of recipes only to discover I have levelled up all of my alts to at least 300!! Oops!!

TBC Boss Kill Required.
As this meta required you to kill Iksticks or whatever his name is only HolyWarrior and EvilBastard actually got the full achievement. Most of the others alts could probably have gone in a full group but I couldn't be bothered trying to organise that.

EB and HW were going to go in and dual-box him but I put out a shout in /trade announcing I was gong in and if anyone fancied joining me. A level 80 tank whispered me so he came along and made it a lot easier. We were done in 5-10 minutes as the warrior just stormed through everything, whereas I would have been a bit more careful with my pulling.

We did have a bit of a scary moment when EB ran through a load of mobs due to follow-lag or something and then HW got thrown into another pack of mobs and we ended up with about 20 mobs on us. But although that was a little scary we were never in any real danger.

We got to the boss and I remembered too late that you need to run behind a column when he does something. I got half way to a column, but at level 80 he doesn't really hurt you.

He hurt EB though. I neglected him and he managed to die!! He still got the achi though.

Yes You Are a Turkey.
You have trouble finding a Dwarf Rogue? I had trouble finding a troll and orc rogue too so I made them and shot them whilst I was down in Durotar. Then I headed over to Coldridge Valley with the intention of creating a Dwarf Rogue.

No Need, someone else had the same idea...

Great name :)

Shot In The Back.
One of the last rogues that HW needed was a belf. There were several of the bastards hanging around Dullaran refusing to click off their debuffs and just simply pissing everyone off. Then I found one of the stinking belfs in the Scribes building as I was loading up on materials. I quickly switched back over to HW and shot the sneaky little fucker in the back!!

Honourable? No. Funny? Oh for damm sure!!! Christ look at my hair though. Definitely time to visit the barbers and get that achievement ticked off!"

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