Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Patch 3.3 Errors

I was dubious yesterday about how smooth the patching would go. I had just let Windows Satan, err, Pista ... Vista /spit upgrade itself to SP2. How stupid was that on the eve of patch 3.3? So anyway I did.

I realised the day before yesterday that I had 0% of patch 3.3 downloaded? Why? Because as soon as I exited WoW I would be telling my PC to sleep. Ooops.

So with trepidation I cam downstairs this morning and thankfully the downloader said 788MB / 788 MB so I kicked off the launcher and had to download the last 12MB. No Biggy.

While that was installing I read the patch notes ... again.

Once complete I tried to kick off the launcher and was told that WoW could not execute because of direct x 9.0c couldn't launch a 3D accelerator or something like that.

Uh-Oh. I rebooted the system in case it was some registry or other somesuch gremlin. WoW launcher kicked off fine.

So WoW.exe is also kicked off fine and I enter my password and ... BANG ... "Could not validate Game version number. Please check the support page"

OMFG!!!!! I try inputting the password again ... and CONNECTING ... Authenticator please ... In!!

So for now I'm in. Seems Hydra wasn't so lucky :(

So what am I doing right now? Staring at an empty Realm Select screen!!!

Oh and pro tip for maintenance days. I seem to remember last time I was sat staring at the front screen where you are asked to select whioch realm type and language you want. It didn't update when realms became available. So I was sat there thinking it was still down and everyone was in game. I logged out entirely and suddenly all the realms were available. Coincidence?

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