Sunday, 6 December 2009

Schunday Schribe Schupdate

It's Sunday again so it's time for the Goblin Update. From now on I'm also going to include a non-glyph update, which will include JC'ing when I get HW trained up, scrolls when I can be bothered to figure out which ones sell well and get EB a time efficient way to churn them out and sell and tailoring goodies, ie Netherweave bags, when I can be bothered to record these. Not to mention the Leather, Glyph Books and Saronite speculation.

Books of Glyph Mastery.
I used up some of my 3.3 speculation stock to finish off these. I don't really know why I was holding off. But I have 70 books at 30g a pop. 2100g

Trainable Glyphs.
I only have 9 Glyphs left to learn.

4 Minors:
Horn of Winter
Shadow Protection
Curse of Exhaustion

5 Majors:
Aspect of the Viper
the Beast
Ghostly Strike

Considering I was late on parade to the minor inscription research it's odd that I will nearly finish up both streams glyphs on the same day.

So by Friday I should be done with every possible glyph.

Ink of the Sea: 4,611 @ 4g50sg each = 20,749g
Snowfall Ink: 1357 @ 11g each = 14,927g
Cash: 25,153g

Glyph Sellers.
My 3 Sellers are getting a bit full. They all have a full complement of 32 slot bags. But they are filling up. I am currently considering starting a 4th Seller. Maybe just for the 2 ink glyphs and the snowfall glyphs post patch 3.3. Anyway, I'm going to set an average price on my glyphs of 5g.

Seller #1: 1,920 glyphs @ 5g each = 9,600g
Seller #2: 2,080 glyphs @ 5g each = 10,400g
Seller #3: 2,660 glyphs @ 5g each = 13,300g

Total Assets: 68,976g
Cash : 25,152g
Total: 94,128g

It's going to be fun converting that stock into cash to get the money cap!!

That's still 26.7% cash

On top of that we have the 3.3 speculation Items

Books of Glyph Mastery. See Patch 3.3 Gold Part 1 tomorrow.
70 Books of Glyph Mastery. Current Value:2100g.

Borean Leather. See Patch 3.3 Gold Part 2 on Tuesday.
150 stacks at 8g / stack*** = 1200g

Saronite. See Patch 3.3 Gold Part 3 on Wednesday.
Ores: 33 stacks at 16g/stack = 528g
Bars: 83 stacks at 32g/stack = 2,649g

Total Stock: 4,377g

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