Friday, 4 December 2009

A New Alt

What with 'Clitachasm-TM' potentially only a few months off (yeah an expansion a year my arse!!!) I have been doing things that I might never be able to do again.

HW and EB have been doing the old world loremaster. They really need to finish up the old world dungeon and raids in case anything happens to them and basically anything else that might change. More on that in a later post.

One other thing that I haven't done yet is to roll a belf and work through the belf starting zone quests. So I decided to follow in the steps of Galo. Meet Udikwique (You-Die-Quick). Oh my god what a loladin name!! He is on Burning Legion (EU) and he's gone from 1-20 in a week of casual play.

Another new thing I am trying is playing on a PvP server. Maybe I should have named him Ayedikwique and made him a retadin!

Wierd Build?
I'm levelling him with a hybrid Prot/Ret build that I am making up as I go along.

He currently has some dodge, parry and strength talent points allocated. Has been pretty lucky with green drops (I have only bough him a neck, ring and shoulder piece) and has done the first 2 pally trial quests and has the one to go over to BFD, RFC and somewhere else. Oh and just learnt his level 20 charger.

Level 20 Mount? I can't fucking believe how easy the noobs get it nowadays. I remember the days when you had to be level 40 and pay 100 gold!!! (Pallies still got it free!!!) Now it's pennies and at level 20.

The levelling is nice and linear. Not to much running back and forth and you can knock out bunchs of quests together and hand them in together. Nice.

Also the amount of bags that belfs get drops/quest rewards in the first few levels is staggering. I remember back in the day when I got my first extra bag it was amazing. It then took some time before I filled another empty bag slot with a 6 slotter and quiet a while before I was kitted out with all 6 slots.

Udikwique was full up on 4, 6 and even 8 slotters really quickly. But the thrill of filling those empty bag slots is still there!

Anyway, as for gold and bags. My level 20 already has 100 gold. He is currently a miner / herber - yes I know he should be miner or herber plus skinner but I can't be arsed with skinning, so I just keep a beedy eye out and switch trackers frequently.

I digress, everytime I've been back at silvermoon I've been throwing everything at the auction house. All the herbs, all the copper ore and all the greens.

Mistake 1 - I should have checked out the copper bar price in case it is worth my time smelting.

Anyway, with the proceeds of just one night's set of overnight sales I bought my first netherweave bag for 10 gold and still had 25 gold left over. The next batch of sales came in and I got myself another 2 netherweave bags as I was still finding myself with full bags and throwing grays away is still throwing money away!

Such Different Prices.
One thing I noticed was that low level greens have been selling for ridiculous amounts. I haven't checked the average price of Strange Dust on this server but it must be high. The greens are selling for 2 gold each. And I've even sold some for 20g, 25g and 30g ... WTF?? The login screen says the server is full. Surely the strange dust market is flooded!!!

Come Find Me.
So if your are on a EU server then come find me on horde side and say hello. Don't be shy!

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