Monday, 7 December 2009

Patch 3.3 Gold Part 1 - Books of Glyph Mastery.

Last week I bought up loads more Books of Glyph Mastery. I have been buying up all books under 30 gold in the hope that the price will sky-rocket when the patch hits.

*See disclaimer at the bottom before reading any further :P

The Premise.
What I've heard is that there are 3 new glyphs to be learnt, they'll be learnt from the Book of Glyph Mastery and that they'll need Snowfall Inks.

The Alternative.
But a lot of talk from the PTR is that they are a limited supply purchase from the inscription supplies vendor in Dullaran.

I am banking on the fact that that is just how the glyph is being distributed for testing on the PTR and is not how the new glyphs will be implemented come 'go-live'.

The Back Up Plan.
That's the rumours I have heard anyway. I am a little worried that they'll be trainer learnt, but we get price spikes on the books often enough that I should be able to flip them anyway. I flipped 2 this week anyway when the price shot up to 50 gold each. Earlier tonight the lowest was up for 82g and they're currently at 50g. I'm currently sitting on 70 Books which is an investment of a maximum of 2100 gold.

If they sell for 50g on patch day then they'll make 3500 gold. 1.5K is nothing to be sniffed at for a few minutes work and a few weeks of a little bit of bank space.

So lets hope that:
a) Those glyphs are in fact learnt from the books.
b) There is enough of a demand on patch day from all the scribes to boost the price of these well above the 30g each I paid.
c) That all the other scribes are caught unawares by this.
and d) That my information is up-to-date!

But not only that but I am of course going to learn those new glyphs myself at the first possible opportunity and get them on the auction house. I'm going to have to do this quick before every noob on the server buys out my overpriced glyph books and learns them themselves.

Side Tactic.
If these new glyphs are in fact made with snowfalls you probably want to be stockpiling them now. The scribes may resort to buying SFI from the AH driving the prices up. Herbs may rise in price because of it too. I have been buying up as much as I can in the profitable range. I may try to bleed some SFI into the AH if it's looking good. Either way, I'll have plenty of supplies to keep me going if the AH herbs and SFI supply dries up.

Alternative-Risky-As-Fuck Strategy.
You camp the Auction House. You buy out every glyph book as it comes on and hope that the scribes on your server don't have any books in the bank in preparation for the patch. This way you are the only person on the server with the 3 new glyphs. Keep it that way and sell these new glyphs at ridiculous prices!! I personally won't be following this strategy!

I can now not find any mention on the internet anywhere about these glyphs being learnt from books. :(

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