Monday, 7 December 2009

Patch 3.3 Gold Part 3 - Saronite Ore / Bars

The idea here is that when alchemists lose the cooldown for titanium transmute there will be a lot of buying up saronite bars (and ores) to be transmuted into titanium.

Estimated Price Change.
The price of titanium will drop from 30g each to about 20g and the price of saronite ore will rise from 32g/2xstacks and bars 32g/stack (my server prices) to the price of 2.5 titanium bars = 50g - which also happens to be the exact same estimate Markco has made :)

Again, it's very possible that every mage and his water elemental will be doing this and the market will flood worse than cumbria and your saronite will be worth shit.

The Back Up Plan.
To counter this event you need to keep however much you are comfortable with in ore form for prospecting and saronite shuffling if that will be profitable or get your friendly neighbourhood blacksmith to make you up bags and bags of deadly saronite dirks (13-15g mats) and then DE them into shards with hopefully a sale price of 20g.

What else? Get rid of any spare relics of Ulduar - BoA shoulder/head enchants are coming and the new fishing competition means that pygmy sucker fish will flood the auction house.

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