Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Mohawks!! Mr T!!! BA!!


You may have seen the adverts on TV or just been 'Mr T mohawked' as you go about your Auction House duties. Larisa doesn't like him but what is all this mohawk stuff all about?

Well, some time ago Mr T made an advert for WoW at the same time as other adverts were saying "I'm William Shatner and I play an Undead Mage*" and Mr T's advert came on and he say's "...I play a Night Elf Mohawk" a developer then pipes up and says there is no such thing and Mr T then starts arguing in his typical BA A-Team stylee.

Now with the release of his second advert for Blizztards he has actually made it into the game.

I was wondering where all this came from and whether it was a world event and how you got mohawked.

Then as I was doing the Pilgrims event I was in Durotar and ran into this chap just south east of the entrance to the troll/orc starting area...

And his dialogue is a direct reference to that argument with the dev in the first advert...

I love it - I pity the fools!!! Classic. If you click on the dialogue he then gives you 5 Mohawk Grenades (duration 1 day and unique-5 - WTF??)

* Probably wrong!

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