Thursday, 30 April 2009

Children's Week Achievement

OK, so it has finally started. I hope you made the preparations I pointed out here.

In fact that post has now been updated so visit my Children's Week Achievement page

Read up on that, it actually tells you most of what you need to do already!!!

But here are a couple more pointers.

You can't get the meta-achievement unless you are at least level 75. Why? Because you have to be level 75 to eat some of the "sweets" for Bad Example :(

1. Go to Stormwind. Into the Cathedral Square and get the quest Children's Week from Orphan Matron Nightingale.

2. To get your orphan out, blow the whistle she gives you.

3. Do all the achievements. BUT. BIG BUT. Hold on don't hand in the final quest (Warden of the Alliance) yet to get the pet and the Aw, Isn't It Cute? achievement, because you will probably lose your orphan and not be able to complete the other achievements for the meta. You have been warned. I will check that out on an alt and update you all later tonight. Breaking News: You get a Draneii Orphan Whistle and new quests in Shatrath- just checking if you can get achievements with the Draniee Orphan. Breaking News II - you get achievement credits in the battlegrounds when using the Draneii Orphan - so yippee kai ah mother ... err ... matron ... whatever!!!

More coming soon, when I have scoffed my face in front of the orphan...


*times passes*

OK, OK. Orphan suitable had bad example set.

HW has done the escort quests up to acccepting the Warden of the Alliance. He has hearthed and will now be doing battelgrounds while waiting for a group for Utguarde Pinnacle. I'm going to try and do it on heroic because I am sure King JimmyRon drops and upgrade for HW. EB will be doing this achievement separately therefore.

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Alex - aka Firelight said...

You can hand in the quests to get the pets - just go to the matron after and she'll give you another whistle to use.

Also it seems you can do the do 5 daily quests acheivement all in the same day! I did my Argent Crusade dailys this morning and when i handed them in i made sure i had the orphan out and I got the achievement right away! >.<