Wednesday, 22 April 2009

3.1 Yawn....

It's been a week since 3.1 and Ulduar hit out monitors, or rather dribbled particularly slowly over our DSL/Cable/Dial up connections, installed and then left us hanging on the login screens for hours and finally allowed us to logon to a mess of failing addons and a server shutdown message.

I guess that was most peoples experience. Seriously, does anyone still play over dial up? If they do have they finished downloading the patch yet?

Anyway. I digress. I couldn't even get the download finished for a couple of days and when I finally did it was late at night. I logged on, did a couple of dailies and logged out. Meh.

And that has been the same pattern every day since 3.1 hit. OK, I've been moving house and have lots to do, but I haven't even bothered to try and make time to do anymore than the Dalaran cooking daily, the old fishing daily (apparently there is a level 80 fishing daily now) and checking my auctions. Gimme the fucking Lager Rumsey so I can stop fishing in Outland ffs.

I was really excited about the Argent Tournament, but by the time I got into WoW I just really couldn't be bothered.

It may have something to do with the fact I am still guild-less and am at a loss what to do. Most of the in-game friends that are still playing are with the Porkers and they are now in Uludar. Some of them have left and are in other guilds now, but I don't know anyone else in them and I want to play with friends.

Hopefully NicePallyClassLeader will come back and save the day, but somehow I doubt that :(

And now 3.1.1 will be hitting today so that is probably more fun and games downloading all night and more add-on fuck ups. MEH!

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