Sunday, 26 April 2009

Noblegarden Achievement Progess

I did my starting quests then got stuck down to grinding eggs. 20 chocolates to finish the starting quest, then ...

85 chocolates later and I'd picked up an extra couple of blossoming branches then finally got my spring flowers. At exactly 100 chocolates I got my white tuxedo shirt, then at 105 choccies I got my Spring Rabbit's Foot!!!

So now I just need the Tuxedo Pants, Spring Robes and Elegant Dress. I will be a happy bunny then - excuse the pun!!

118 Choccies and I got my Tuxedo pants :)) Dress and Robes to go ...

... 147 choccies and I got another bloody pet :(

... 156 Elegant Dress!!! Just the robes to go now :)

1 egg later another dress!! WTF!!

So after eating 100 choccies, buying the robes for 50 (cos you don't get an achievement for finding them) and buying an egg for 5, I have 7 choccies left. Which means ...

... I just wasted fuck knows how much of my life clicking eggs about 200 times - LOOL.

Off to plant an egg in Stormwind then loot it (so it only cost me 4 eggs) then off to bed with the following Achievements complete and then EvilBastard has to repeat the process tommorrow.

I Found One
Noble Garden
(Chocolate Lover)
(Dressed for the Occasion)
(Sunday's Finest)

Off to bed ...

... update 28/04: As you'll see from a newer post, HW is almost done. Just gotta find a goddam female orc!

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Alex - aka Firelight said...

I got my title mid afternoon yesterday - easily the quickest event to day - still missing the tuxedo pants, but you dont need them for the meta - but I will keep farming till I get them.

I've had 4 pets, 6 robes, 3 shirts and a partridge in a pear tree!