Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Children's Week Preparation

OK, so the next world event achievement is Children's Week and it starts on May 1st and runs for a week. With that in mind I have started to look into what will be required.

Updated 01/05/2009 for live 2009 event.

Before you even start you can stockpile the following.

  • Tigole and Foror's Strawberrry Ice Cream - available beforehand from Caregiver Isel in the Inn in Telaar. Get 2. One for the achievement and one for a quest.
  • Tasty Cupcake - made by cooking.
  • Delicious Chocolate Cake - made by cooking.
  • Lovely Cake Slice - buy a lovely cake from Aimee near the horde-side bank in Dalaran and use it, you should get a slice from it.
  • Red Velvet Cupcake - buy from Aimee.
  • Dalaran Brownie - buy from Aimee.
  • Dalaran Doughnut - buy from Aimee.
  1. Go to Stormwind Cathedral and pick up your orphan.
  2. Eat all the things you have already collected in front of your orphan for Bad Example.
  3. He'll give you quests to go round the world showing you things. Go to Westfall lighthouse then Stonewraught Dam in Loch Modan.
  4. Hearthstone with your orphan out - this will give you achievement - Home Alone.
  5. Portal to Darnassus and do the travelling quest with your orphan at the bank.
  6. Go to Theramore and speak to Jaina at the top of the tower to get her autograph for the next quest.
  7. Give your orphan the ice cream and you can now get the Warden of the Alliance quest which will get you a pet for Aw, Isn't it Cute?.
  8. Maybe best not to do the Aw, Isn't It Cute? until later in case you lose the orphan. But there also might be follow up quests leading to a new pet in Shatrath, I can't remember!! Breaking News: You get a Draneii Orphan Whistle and new quests in Shatrath- just checking if you can get achievements with the Draniee Orphan. Next Update: You get PvP credits when you have Draneii Orphan out, so you're probably OK!
  9. Do a daily quest with your orphan out (you will need to do 1 a day for 5 days).
  10. Now it's PvP time: ((While doing the next one make sure to kill 10 enemy players who have an orphan. - looks like this has gone.))
  11. Return a flag in Warsong Gulch, Assault a flag in Arathi Basin, Assault a tower in Alterac Valley and Capture a flag in EOTS; all with your orphan out. This should give you School of Hard Knocks.
  12. If you haven't killed 10 enemy players yet then finish this off to get you Once an Orphan.... Looks like this one has been removed.
  13. Pop along to Utgarde Pinnacle and kill King Ymiron for Hail to the King. Easy :P Make sure you have your orphan out though!
  14. Day 5 - Do your last daily quest with your orphan out - you have been doing them every day haven't you? This will give you Daily Chores and give you the meta-achievement Matron or Patron.
Remember, all of the achievements require you to have your orphan out.

The only other achievement is Veteran Nanny which is not required for the meta-achievement and probably requires you to have completed the quest chain for the previous 2 years.

I was sure I had; but I only had one pet, meaning I only completed it last year - Grrrr!


Darraxus said...

I doubr I will actually complete the meta achivement, but I will certainly pick up another pet!

Galoheart said...

I haven't being really big on Achievements or go at least to say go out of my way much to achieve any in particular but a few. I guess if it happens while going about doing something then it just happens as is