Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Noblegarden Achievement Guide

OK, so yet another achievement guide/checklist of things for me to do.

Noblegarden is probably the least participated in world events for any of my characters, followed by Brewfest. Seeing as I am a huge beermonster it is surprising that I didn't get involved with that. But Eggs? Meh! No shock there!

Updated: 16:30 23/04/2009

So with the pre-amble done the world event: Noblegarden.

The event starts on Sunday 26th April and runs for a week (check your in-game calendar for details). It contains a small quest chain that starts you off, involving getting a basket and putting chocolates in it (the basket for the quest gives you a speed boost). The first quest is "Spring Collectors" which sends you to one of your faction starting areas. I'm going to Goldshire!!

Hand in Spring Colectors to the Collector outside the inn and get "The Great Egg Hunt", also get "A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket" from the vendor next to the Collector.

Complete these quests while collecting choccies nom nom :P You will get a "Blossoming Branch witch is useful for the "Hard Boiled" achievement and get to keep the basket with a speed bonus. Carry on with egg collecting.

and then it's into the usual holiday achievement grind...

The meta-achievement requires 8 of the event achievements to be completed.

1. I found One
Find a brightly coloured egg. These can be found in the capital cities and allegedly in the first few starting areas.

2. Hard Boiled
Lay an egg in Un'Goro Crater's Golakka Hot Springs as a rabbit during the Noblegarden celebration. Dunno what that's all about. Edit: According to Kam's PTR Guide you can get a Blossoming Branch for 10 chocolates from a Noblegarden vendor and that turns a party member into a rabbit

3. Noble Garden
Hide a [Brightly Coloured Egg] in Stormwind City. Eh? I thought you had to FIND them? Buy a brightly coloured egg for 5 chocolate. Hide it. Loot it. Get a chocolate or other item back. Win!

4. Desert Rose
Use the Spring Robes you get in an egg, or purchase for 50 chocolates, when equipped and they will plant a flower in the ground. You need to plant a flower in the deserts of The Badlands, Silithus, Thousand Needles, Desolace and Tanaris. There is a mere 1 minute cooldown on the robes, so just a bit of travelling is needed for this one. Edit:Shamelessly ripped from Kam's Guide!!

5. Chocoholic
I'm guessing this is "Chocolate Lover" and requires you to eat 25 Noblegarden Chocolates. Edit: or are there TWO chocolate eating achievements here? 25 chocs and 100 chocs? Yep - eat 100 choccies!!!

6. Spring Fling
Find your pet [Spring Rabbit] another one to love in each of the towns listed below. You need a Spring rabbit's foot, this can be bought for 100 chocolates or maybe a random drop from an egg. Get it near other rabbits in Azure Watch, Dolanaar, Goldshire and Kharanos and watch them mate :P.

7. Shake Your Bunny-Maker
Use [Spring Flowers] to place rabbit ears upon females of at least 18th level. Currently I have only found that these are a random drop - fucking Blizzard.(Edit: Kam says you can buy them for 50 chocolates) Use it on a female of every race.

8. Blushing Bride
/kiss someone wearing an [Elegant Dress] while wearing a [White Tuxedo Shirt] and [Black Tuxedo Pants]. Do exactly what it says on the tin.

These will give you "... the Noble" as a title.

The other achievements which are not required are:

Chocolate Lover
I guess this is Chocoholic, so it is required really!!! Looks like Blizz screwed up the achievement window!!. Edit: See Chocoholic comments.

Sunday's Finest
Discover the [White Tuxedo Shirt] and [Black Tuxedo Pants] by opening brightly coloured eggs during the Noblegarden celebration. If you've done "Blushing Bride" then I guess you already got this achievement! (Unless you buy them for chocolates ofc)

Dressed for the Occasion
Discover an [Elegant Dress] by opening brightly coloured eggs during the Noblegarden celebration. More clothes for the overfilled wardrobe!! Why can't Blizz give us a wardrobe in the banking hall?

Edit: 23/04 image and typos
Edit: Updated Desert Rose from Kam's PTR Guide, I'm guessing it's the about the same.
Edit: Added some details found on Rawr.


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It's not a guide, it's a mere checklist. Stop being so clumsy in the descriptions next time and be more professional. Then it may be accknowledged as a guide.

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OK, so yet another achievement guide/checklist of things for me to do.

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