Tuesday, 28 April 2009

EvilBastard's Noblegarden Nightmare

Maybe it has something to do with the fact the HolyWarrior is a champion of the light. OK, grinding the eggs was a bit of a bind but after an hour or so we were good to go. Got the gear that you need to drop for the extra achievements and had plenty of choccies to but the robes which you don't need to drop, the only thing HW hasn't got is the circlet type thingy.

So with goody-two-shoes having an easy time of it, what do you expect of EB's attempts? A bloody nightmare, that's what. I suppose it must be down to the fact that EvilBastard is ... err ... an Evil Bastard!

It started off well with the pet dropping after only 6 eggs, but quickly went down hill. Well not quickly really; excruciatingly bloody slowly!!

Here's how EB's hunting went:

6 Spring Rabbits Foot - YAY
7 Blosssoming Branch - Meh, I'll get it as a quest reward anyway
54 Black Tuxedo Pants - YAY
64 White Tuxedo Shirt - YAY
112 another foot
127 another branch
131 another shirt
140 Spirit Robes - YAY
145 Spring Flowers - YAY, Now we just need the Elegant Dress
162 another foot
178 another branch
190 more flowers
193 another branch
199 white shirt - again
217 Spring Circlet - Meh Whateva!
243 branch
250 tux pants
278 circlet
308 branch
364 spring robes
380 rabbits foot
427 Still No Elegant Dress

So he spent some chocolates on tuxedo parts to sell (hopefully) and joined HolyWarrior to tour the world and finish the achievement. Summary guide following.

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