Friday, 17 April 2009

Patch 3.1 - Dual Spec


I got home last night and the piece of S*IT vista PC had fuggin' shut down again, so it was STILL 3 hours to go and not making any attempt to download more than a byte an hour!!

So off to check up on the other PC and thankfully it had not been rebooted by the storm we had the previous night and it had fully patched itself. So patch file onto USB memory stick, 2 hours of cleaning junk out of the house and I was off home with the full patch file.

It took 8 minutes to copy the patch file to the USB on XP but 22 minutes to copy it back off the USB on to the vista machine. HELLO????????? Upgraded OS my fat hairy ass!!!

At 10pm last night I finally managed to get onto WoW. I did the cooking daily, went to IF, learned my dual spec as ret. So HolyWarrior really is a holy warrior now. Holy/Ret.

My Holy build was something like 51:5:15. I took what I think was the PvE raiding talents in holy, probably threw 5 points into divinity in the prot tree, then went for the intellect and crit talents in ret? Something like that. I was a bit pissed and tired by then give; me a break will ya?

The ret build was obviously mostly ret, with a dalliance into holy for divine strength - WTF is that doing in holy? an a few points in prot.

The Spiritual Attunement move deep into the prot tree screwed one on my major glyphs - why oh why did I not see that coming? I only bought the fugger a few weeks ago.

Off to the Argent Tournament tonight to see what all the hype is about. Byeeee.


Darksaturn7 said...

Vista = Satan. Windows XP = <3.
But yay for it acting nice again for you! Hopefully all that argent tournament stuff will make up for the irritation.

~DS of

HolyWarrior said...

Can't agree with you more DS, Shame I can't find my spare XP disc otherwise, otherwise it would be asta la VISTA!!