Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Patch 3.1 - Ulduar

Patch 3.1 is hitting the EU servers today. Be prepared for massive downloads and maintenance stretching into the evening.

The US servers were apparently still down for maintenance well into the afternoon so there is probably no point leaving work early to get home and sample Ulduar.

If you haven't had the background downloader running then I wouldn't even expect to get online today :P

I for one am not bothered, apart from checking to see if my auctions have sold!

I am freshly back from a week in Majorca, nicely tanned, have a house to renovate and am still guildless. Although I am trying to persuade NicePallyClassLeader to come back to WoW and start a new guild called "The Real Portugese Porkers"!

Watch this space...

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