Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Noblegarden Achievement Roundup

Whoah there Lesley!!! Seems I hit the right keywords with my Noblegarden Achievement Guide, my daily hits easily quadrupled and I haven't even done the follow up yet!!

OK, so we've had the Black and White what you need to do for the achievement, but what's the best way to actually go about it?

Cut to the Chase.
If you don't want an overly annoying egg hunt grind then forget about the non-meta achievements to get the Tuxedo and the Dress, if you aren't lucky enough to get them from the eggs then you can buy them from the vendor for a total of 100 choccies (25 for each tux part and 50 for the dress). You can also buy the Spring Robes to let you plant flowers in the deserts and the Spring Flowers to "ear" people.

You don't even need the dress, so you could scrub that as well. The only thing you actually need to loot for the meta-achievement is chocolate.

Noobshire ... groan!
I found Goldshire was the best place to start geographically, and it wasn't even too full of asshats on my server.

So, go to Goldshire, preferably with the intro quest, and get the two quests outside the inn. Equip the Egg Basket because this gives you a speed boost on use.

Start looting eggs. I Found One - there you go, one achievement already :) When you have 20 Shell Fragments and 10 Noblegarden Chocolates go hand the quests in and remember to re-equip the egg basket; you handed it to the quest giver and he gave it back to you as a reward - fucking annoying!! You also now have a Blossoming Branch which you will need later in Un'Goro (unless you are a masochist and very high level).

Keep looting eggs.

...more eggs ...

... and a few more eggs.

Bored Yet?

Stuff Your Fat Face Fatty!
Once you are at 100 choccies - eat them all - There you go, 2 achievements: Chocolate Lover and Chocoholic.

Hopefully by now you have a few other things like the Spring Rabbit's Foot, keep collecting choccies from the eggs until you have enough choccies to buy what else you need. If you see any females make sure to use the Spring Flowers on them to give them "ears" - Important: Don't bother if they already have ears as you won't get the credit. Also; don't waste the 5 minute cooldown on sub level 18s - they don't count either!

Let's Make Some Baby Bunnies.
When you have everything make sure to get your Spring Rabbit Pet out (learnt from the Spring Rabbit's Foot) and get him to mate with another players pet rabbit.

You do Have a Friend, Don't You?
Now, at some point you are going to need to team up with someone to get the Hard Boiled achievement done. As I dual box this was easy for me, HW and EB, just did it together. This had the added bonus of making the rabbit-mating part just that little bit easier.

Right, purchase you very own Brightly Coloured Egg from the vendor for 5 choccies and head into Stormwind. click the egg and place the AoE target somewhere on the ground and hide your egg. Bingo - Noble Garden.

Move Your Arse.
Fly to Loch Modan and ride down into the Badlands, equip your Spring Robes and use them to plant a flower. Now head to Ironforge and ride down to Kharanos.

Once in Kharanos get your Spring Rabbit Pet out and make sure he gets all jiggy with another rabbit before heading over to Darnassus. At this point I hearthed to Dalaran and the took the portal to Darn. Do it however which way you want, I'm not telling you how to play the game m'kay?

Right, take the boring ride from Darnassus to Dolanaar and get the Spring Rabbit Pet bizzy with the fizzy again. I went /afk here for dinner so when I got back I hearthed back to Dalaran and ported back again. I'm lazy, deal with it. You want to run back to Darn? Go for it!

OK, get from Darn to Auberdine and then get the boat over to Azuremyst, ride over to Azure Watch, get your rabbit all shagtastic and ... Spring Fling. Guess what? I was lazy again. /afk cigarette and a pint, Hearth and Portal. You gotta love the 30 minute hearthstone cooldown ain't ya?

So now fly from Darnassus to Desolace. You did take my advice right? What? You ran from Azure Watch to the pier, waited for a boat, rode the boat to Auberdine, all along the pier to the flightpath? You've got too much time on your hands friend. Too late now I suppose. Beer and Fags won it for me.

Fly, Fly, Fly Your Gryph, Gently Down the World.
Either way, you're now in Desolace. Use the Spring Robes again to plant another flower and head off to Thalanaar, or whatever that place between Feralas and Thousands Needles is called. Spring Robes. Plant flower. Back on hippogrpyh thingy.

Don't Fork It Up!
This time we're going to Tanaris, don't fly straight to Silithus, because you don't, stupid frigging bird goes via Un' Goro anyway and then your nice linear route is buggered. You've forked it. That is: You have put a fork in your path.

In Tanaris, use your Spring Robes again to plant a flower and straight back on the bird to Un'Goro. You did bring a friend with you right? You'll need him for the next part ... err maybe* ... so, run down to Golaka Hot Springs which is in the west of the zone, that's the left hand side Donald. Nine O'Clock? Oh I give up, look it up on the map dumbass!!

Nearly There.
This is where you use the Blossoming Branch on each other. You will both become rabbits. Hang around till you both lay an egg. There you go - Hard Boiled. Ride back to Marshal's and grab a flight over to Syphillus. Use your Spring Robes one final time and bongo bango - Desert Rose.

Hearth to Dalaran. Or wherever. As long as there are plenty of horde and allliance about, then you're good to go. Battlegrounds. Check. Shattrath. Check. Stormwind Throne Room? You really are a masochist aren't you?

We've got plenty of great keywords in here to bring the google rating up :P Seriously though, throw on your Elegant Dress and get you mate to get his Tux on and /kiss you. Then swap clothes and repeat the perfomance and you have Blushing Bride.

I Saved the Best for Last.
Good luck with the dwarf and the orc!!! HW and EB are still waiting around for a female orc, they've only just got their dwarves :(

Now you have to use your Spring Flowers on any females you have not yet come across. Don't forget level 18+ and they can't have ears already. Oh, and there's a freakin' 5 minute cooldown on the flowers!! When you complete this you will get Shake Your Bunny-Maker and Noblegarden with the title "BlahBlahBlah the Noble".

Congratulations. Now start buying sweeties for Children's Week.

* I assumed that the blossoming branch can not be used on yourself, was I right? Answers on a postcard ... or just in the comments, Whateva!

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