Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Holy Pally - Spellpower or Crit?


5 points in Divinity vs 2 points Divinity + 3 points Sanctity of Battle.

So what is it to be? Discuss.

On a slightly separate note, fucking Blizzard. removed cast time reduction for Holy Light from Infusion of Light. WTF was the point in that?

Anyway, can you guess I am on just re-learning my talents after 3.1.1? I'm currently on 51:0:15

Update (Cold light of day):
Thanks lance. I'm pretty sure my crit is not excellent so I'll probably go for SoB. I was lurking in my old guild forums and this was posted up...

Standard (5/5 Divinity - 2/2 Imp LoH)

Crit Based (2/5 Divinity - 3/3 Sanctity of Battle)

I'll check them out later when not at work and can access wowhead. I also threw a dual-ret spec together and want to compare it this spec

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Lance said...

If you got a lot of crit go for Divinity, otherwise go to Sanctity of Battle. A lot would be something like 37ish unbuffed methinks but I could be slightly off.