Thursday, 16 April 2009

Patch What???


Background downloader? What background downloader?

I got home from work last night and booted up WoW. It started at 0%. of 880MB. at 0.5MB DSL speeds that was going to take some time.

So I went and booted up my other PC at the house we're renovating which has 2MB DSL and that was at 0% as well :( at least that one said 3-4 hours.

Come then end of the evening, the fast download had stuck at 47% and the slow PC (running V*sta of course!) had rebooted!! F*CK!!

No WoW for me last night.

I got up this morning and went to check on the slow PC. It had shutdown overnight. GODDAM F*CKING VISTA!!!!!!

I didn't even dare go check out the other PC. Hopefully when I get home from work tonight at least one of them will be finished. I'm not holding my breath though :P


Rhonda said...

The patch was an evil nightmare. What happened to my Corehound's DPS?

I still don't have all my toons respecced. Duel specced my Pally, wanted to try Prot. Then I added half of holy/half of ret. I won't respec my hunter, she'll loose her corehound. What a mess.

HolyWarrior said...

Yeah not respecced all my tons either, if i'd known 3.1.1 would reset them again I would have had a play around :(