Sunday, 12 October 2014

WoW - Wrathion? You Mad Bro? Judgement of the Black Prince

To finish the Chapter V achievement after getting your legendary cloak you need to go fight Garrosh. Even if you have beaten him before.

So I joined up with LFR and got into a raid just starting. Great I'll ave to do the whole thing! Well it didn't go too bad until the Garrosh fight itself.

It's been a while since I've done Garrosh and apparently the tactic is now to stand on the tank and just soak the defiles (or whatever they're called here!) during phase 1 and only swap between the two other spots in phase 2.

Well we started with a couple of stupid wipes before actually getting to phase 2 and then another wipe when the room filled with empowered blahblahs.

Eventually we got him down on about attempt 4 or 5 with a very scatty fight. A kill is a kill though! So back to the Inn to see Wrathion again.

Looks like he isn't very happy ...

Wrathion says: Idiot king!
Wrathion says: Fools! Imbeciles!
Wrathion says: A complete waste!
Wrathion says: You were there! Is it true then? What happened in Orgrimmar?
Wrathion says: That fool king!!
Wrathion says: I did everything in my power. The whole world was his, he needed only seize it!
Wrathion says: Oh sure, another year of fighting. Enormous casualties trying to take Thunder Bluff. But the rest of the Horde would've caved, eventually.
Wrathion says: TONG! DRINK! NOW!
Wrathion says: What? Yes, I was backing the Alliance.
Wrathion says: I thought Hellscream's victory was assured before he turned half of his Horde against him. So I changed my allegiance.
Wrathion says: Oh, don't look so surprised! I'm a black dragon. My loyalties are my own.
Wrathion says: But that idiot, IDIOT Wrynn! "High King" indeed!
Wrathion says: Why did he allow another warchief? He could've united the world under the Alliance banner. What a fool I was to trust his ambition!
Wrathion says: Should've taken over the throne room myself. Like Auntie Onyxia. Get things DONE.
Tong the Fixer says: Enough!!
Wrathion says: Uhh... wha?
Tong the Fixer says: Talk! Talk! Talk!
Tong the Fixer says: Always you speak. Never do you listen! You ignore the lessons of Pandaria!
Tong the Fixer says: You see, there is balance in all things. Wisdom etched in our very fur: Black and white. Darkness and light.
Tong the Fixer says: When the last emperor hid our land from the rest of the world, he also preserved the homeland of our ancient enemy, the mantid. Why did he do this?
Tong the Fixer says: He did so to keep the land whole. Living with the mantid for ten thousand years has made us both STRONG.
Tong the Fixer says: So it is with your Alliance and your Horde. They are not strong despite one another; they are strong BECAUSE of one another.
Tong the Fixer says: You mistake your greatest strength for weakness. Do you see this?
Wrathion says:'re just a WAITER!
Wrathion says: I promise you this: I will stop at nothing to prepare this world for the battle to come.
Wrathion says: Next time, I will leave nothing to chance.
Wrathion says: NOTHING!
Tong the Fixer says: ...He destroyed my inn. He left no tip. He is not nice.
Wrathion's agents whisper quietly to one another.

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