Wednesday, 8 October 2014

WoW - Legendary Quest Luke - Darth Vader Rip Off!

I logged on tonight. Dumped a load of crap out of my bags and then bought up the mercenary contracts from Lion's Landing that a comment on Wowhead had suggested would help, then it was off to the Red Crane's Tai Chi Lapsang Souchong Temple to have another go at the Wrathion-Deathwing fight.

Wrathion, I am your father!

So, I pop the spectral brews and get my 3 minions rolling for 10 minutes then I try and pop the contracts. Uhuh! You have to be in Lions Landing!! WTF???

OK, F**k you - I'll do it without you.

BONG!! Not! You are in the wrong spec ... tick tock tick tock, buffs ticking down whilst I drink mana juice.


Wrathion says: I'm a black dragon. I won't need any help.
Chi-Ji says: Are you certain? You are filled with doubts and fears, young Prince.
Chi-Ji says: You have not fully reconciled with your past. Now is the time.
Wrathion says: What - wait - father!?
Wrathion says: Please - don't make me do this.

Wrathion dead. WTF?

... and again ... and again ...

Check gear ... OH FFS I am in Ret gear no wonder my heals aren't very good!

Please tell me I wasn't in ret gear when I was trying before, I must have switched to ret to farm the brews ... must I? Please tell me I didn't just spend days pointlessly grinding those brews!

OK, lets try again ...

... 2 minutes later Deathwing is dead and I have bags full of pointless contracts and brews!

Right, off to Mason's Folly - NOT the Inn to hand in and get my epic cape!

Wrathion says: Welcome back, champion!
Wrathion says: Excellent work with the celestials. Can you believe how chatty they were?
Wrathion says: I just wanted them to hand us our reward, but they were just, "talk talk talk talk talk."
Wrathion says: I'm sorry - where were we? Oh yes! I have something for you:
Wrathion says: The very spirits of Pandaria are supporting us in our grand crusade! Behold:
Wrathion says: The strength of the White Tiger.
Wrathion says: The wisdom of the Jade Serpent.
Wrathion says: The fortitude of the Black Ox.
Wrathion says: And from the Red Crane, a shining beacon of hope for a better world!
Wrathion says: Our world.
Wrathion says: There! It is ready.

talk talk talk - LOL!

Sod the talking, I haz item level 600 Cranewing Cloak!

So back to the Inn and Wrathion is now on his own, Anduin has buggered off and Wrathion want you to go to the Timeless Isle. Well that's enough for now.

to be continued ...

*Update: added cranewing cloak image (with patch 6.0.2 stats)

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