Sunday, 19 October 2014

WoW - Guild Heroic Garrosh Down

I popped on to WoW this afternoon and did a couple of bits and bobs. Boreas asked if I wanted to come along to Siege tonight.

Well, he used to ask me a lot, but I never made it along, so he stopped asking. I said I probably could a bit later, he said it was flex so that should be fine.

Well, after doing all my other bits and bobs, I logged on and proceeded to try and find my headphones - spent quite a while cursing about where they could have gone before finding them in the first place I looked!

Then when I got on I couldn't get them to work with Teamspeak. Finally I got to hear the crew and the game but could not speak. That will suffice.

So I got a summon to the Shaman (who I think had already been downed) and joined 11 of my guildies(well most of the were) and off we pop to Nazgrim and he dropped like a fly and a door opened up behind him. Ah! That's how you access the next stage. I've only ever done this on LFR so usually that is where the raid disbands!

So off to Malkorok we go and he goes down and I get Malkorok's Tainted Dog Tags to replace Cloudstrike Pendant. Heroic Warforged no less!

Oops! At this iLevel I should change my loot specialisation to Holy, which Boreas reminds me of!

Wowhead says this is no longer available in game. I don't know what that is all about!

So we're in Heroic, which is the old Normal. I thought we were in Normal which is the old flex (hence the flexible raid size). So Heroics are now flexible too?

Everyone else is moaning about no loot drops. At least I have something!

So, now it is off to the Spoils and again a nice easy fight over before we realise it!

Next up is Thok and he gives us our first sign of trouble. We wipe at 0% when a tank and a healer have got him down the last few % - painful!

It was a pretty scrappy attempt so we were lucky to get that far. Attempt 2 goes a lot better, I even get targeted and manage not to drag him through the raid!

So then it's on to seigecrafter for another 2 shot.

Paragons next and this was nice an easy, which is good because I hate this fight and then on to Garrosh.

I can't remember how many attempts we had on Garrosh. Only 3 I think. We did the stack on the tank tactic in phase 1 even though I instinctively ran to Green on the first defiled weapon (whatever it's called!).

We didn't spend too long and he dropped quite soon. It was at this point that I realised why Boreas had made sure we had out loot specs sorted. This was the guilds first go at the Heroic* Garrosh where it qualified as a guild achievement so we got a lovely heirloom mace:

 Yep, that'll replace my Kardris' Scepter!

Everyone had being saying how ridiculously easy this was, i can't wait to give it another go!

* the old normal

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