Monday, 13 October 2014

WoW - The Raid Browser and Ordos

Tonight I booted up the raid browser and queued up to do an Ordos fight.I didn't even realise this was here or how useful it is until finishing off the Wrathion quests on Timeless Isle!

So I signed up as a healer and was almost instantly in an Ordos raid.

I admitted that I was a newbie and someone gave me a few pointers - Stay out of the bad. Keep away from people with bad.

We took 2 attempts to get him down but down he went and I got ...

 ...a prot/ret helmet as I had left my loot specialisation on protection! DOH!

Never mind, it'll be good for levelling in Warlords of Destruction!

(Again, 6.0.2 stats as I forgot to get a screenhsot when it dropped!)

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