Tuesday, 7 October 2014

WoW - Legendary Grind Line on the Timeless Isle

Finally, after nights and nights of grinding those stupid spectral pandas on the Timeless Isle I have several of each type of Pi'iju (sic!) Brew.

I then flew MM over to the alliance fort in Krasarang to pick up the mercenary orders and realised I needed lots more bag space!

As it's approaching midnight I've decided it's probably not the best time to be dumping stuff out of my bags so I'll do that tomorrow and then head off and hopefully take out DW!

As a bonus I picked up all 50 of the epoch stones I needed for a quest and have many more timeless coins than I'll need. Yes, I only did a couple of days on the Timeless Isle when it first came out!

Really should farm more epix!

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