Wednesday, 1 October 2014

WoW - The Next Stage of the Legendary Questline - Celestial Blessings

Wednesday has finally come round and I got to go and grab my last Runestone. I dropped into Halls of Flesh Shaping first, just in-case the RNG was not in my favour, and it wasn't. ZERO runestones.

So next I went into Vale of Eternal Shadows and luckily dropped straight into the Sha of Pride and a quick one shot there (with a death for me!) and I had the Runestone and didn't need to abandon group!

So a quick trip back to Wrathion and picked up the quest for the Heart and into the Pinnacle of Storms. Unfortunately this group was right at the start so I had to do all 3 bosses! But do them I did!

Back to Wrathion and now I have to go talk to the dudes in the temples before doing the Red Crane Challenge.

So first off I went and picked up the Celestial Offering which gives you a nice buff even if it's in your bank. (unless you're a Hunter apparently!)

Then I went over to Jade Forest and spoke to Wrathion outside the temple who took me on a cutscene adventure to get to the dude inside.

Then I headed over to Kun Lai and Townlong to get the 'speaking to the dude' credit before heading to Krasarang Wilds for the Healer challenge.

This I sucked at and failed about 5 times before deciding it's bed time.

There are two things that should make it easier.

1. The Healer trial being in Krasurang allows you to pick up a full complement of buffs by using the Mercenary Contracts available from Proveditor Grantley or Ongrom Black Tooth for 10 Commendations which makes things a bit easier. Only downside is you have to fly halfway across the map to rebuff if you fail.*

2. You can also now use  Misty Pi'jiu Brew  Thick Pi'jiu Brew &  Bubbling Pi'jiu Brew from Timeless Isle in any of the trials as well for yet another boost.**

I'll also look up strats before trying again tomorrow.

* Cut and pasted from Wowhead comments
** also ripped off from Wowhead.

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