Sunday, 20 July 2014

WoW - Ku-Mo Quests including Followup Quest - Seeking Father

Towards the end of the Townlong Steppes story line there is a side quest from a Pandaren child called Ku-mo to find his father Father's Crossbow. You need to go and kill a bug guy called Et'Kil, who is just outside the temple, to get the crossbow. Be careful, him and his mates can easily kill you if you are complacent. They got me!

Tactic shamelessly ripped off a wowhead comment ...

"Nearly every class has some kind of CC - Engage by Polymorphing/Hexing one of the adds, nuke down the other. When it begins to cast Caustic Spray just move to the side, they die quick with just over 300k HP. The boss hits moderately hard but can heal up in between attacks, and his Sonic Spike is the circular thing he places on the floor that does MASSIVE damage. Avoid that and you are golden."

Then you take it back to him and he runs off to the temple where Commander Qipan gives you the follow up quest Father's Footsteps which has you pointlessly looking for items belonging to the father (again ripped off wowhead comment) ...

"-Bedroll: Jump down and climb the stairs up north. There will be a room with 'Niuzao Sentinel' in it sleeping. The bedroll is in the middle.
-Shield: Right outside of the bedroll.
-Ha-Cha: Go up the ramp and go to the center where there is stairs going down. Ha-Chan will be the yak.

Now, there is a follow up quest called Seeking Father from Ku-mo back at the Shado-Pan Garrision over the bridge. If you look it up on WoWhead it seems to be coming from a different NPC with the same name. Not only that but it only seems to be available when the dailies send you over to Sra'Vess to do Friends, Not Food!

You don't need to do this for the zone achievement, but as a completionist it's the last quest to do apart from the challenges and the dailies.

And finally, when I gave him the kite to go see his son, he took off and swam in mid-air, without a kite. This really was the most disjointed and seemingly un-tested content of the entire expansion. But it does have a happy ending.

And then Katy Perry arrives - who would have thought?

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