Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hearthstone - First Look at Solo Adventures

Tonight, with little time on my hands, I logged into Hearthstone for a quick look at Naxxramas.

First off, when you first open up Hearthstone, you now have a new menu item - Solo Adventures.

I can't remember what was there before. Was there anything?

Right, so when we go into Solo Adventures we get another menu. This menu includes the old practice mode as well as the new Adventure.

Selecting the Naxxramas adventure currently only gives us the Normal mode. We haven't unlocked the other modes yet!

So lets select 'Normal' Mode.

We get told that the necropolis is being opened for the first time. How helpful!!!

The first wing is free! Waheey!! So we get to go into the Arachnid quarter for nuffink! Which is a good job as I thought it was 500g per wnig, but it isn't: it's 700g per wing.

Next time: Inside the Arachnid Quarter.

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