Sunday, 6 July 2014

WoD Beta - Fix For The CAS system was unable to initialize

TL;DR at the bottom ...

When I first got into Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Whateva the client told me it was downloading 26GB.

I was verty surprised that after less than 15-20 minutes on my 512KB - 1MB broadband connection I had got to playable stage.

When I went to bed that night I left it downloading and the following evening it was still at around 22GB to download.

The next day it didn't try to download anything but after a restart it went back to 22GB remaining. So before I went away for the weekend I booted up the desktop app again hoping for 2 days of uninterrupted broadband to download a size-able chunk. Except the client said it was at again so nothing to download. I left it on anyway!

When I got back I tried to boot up Beta and after waiting with the client telling me the game was running for some time I eventaully got the green WoD icon appear on my taskbar, but all that was telling me was ..

The CAS system was unable to initialize: CASInitialize() timed out waiting for container creation mutex.

Mutex??? What the ???

CAS is the new file system that is replacing MPQs in WoD. This system allows for smoother patching and better client/server stuff apparently as well as speeding things up. Well not today.

I had had this problem when I first installed the beta and found the solution on the interwebs, maybe it was something to do with deleting a load of files or restating; but I'd forgotten exactly what though so had to re-search.

Unfortunately this time I had no luck except for a cheeky blue post on the official forums saying ...


Well, I tried deleting some cache files and restarting the client and no go. Eventually I rebooted my system, still no joy.

The solution I found was to go into options and select the "use 32 bit Client" this worked and I have an inkling this was the solution I found last time and an update must have overwritten those settings.

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