Friday, 18 July 2014

crazy game sdtor

In the traditions of The Angry Chicken's crazy games stories here is a pretty good one, or at least a story of good luck.

The daily was Warlock or Shaman so my custom low budget warlock was playing a druid.

I got him down quite low to start with and had high health but then we stalled.

He fended me off and was down to 7 health and had 4-5 big cards on the board but I managed to wipe them all out bar 1 - that must have hurt!! But, then we were back to the game of attrition.

It was well past turn 10 and he'd managed to wear me down and I was low on health but I managed to get him down to 1 health and no minions whilst I had a Knife Jugolo(sic) on the board and an Argent Squire without shield (1/1)and a mortal coil in my hand, and was on 3 mana.

So I mortal coiled my own Argent Squire and got a Doomsayer.

Result: I played the Doomsayer for the last 2 mana which triggered the Juggler which won me the game - I bet he was gutted!

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