Saturday, 5 July 2014

WoD Beta - Ingame Character Copy: Can't Copy Won't Copy

I've been trying to copy MarcusMaximi over to the Beta to see how he performs and to get a heads up on the quests he will be facing when Warlords of Destruction (sic) finally does to come but I can't copy him over.

I never even tried to copy a character over for MoP. I created a Pandaren Monk and tooled around the starting area with him a bit but that was about it, I was at an all time WoW interest low at the time.

Now, however, I want to get MM over to check out what he's going to be like; but I can't.

I've looked at the account management page on my account and it says the character transfer is down for maintenance.

Several blue posts say that the character copy has now moved into the client but it does work.

Well, I go back into the game and yes there is a window and a button to copy in live account data. Except when I use it it says 'copy has failed'.

Very frustrating. More searching suggest that you need to empty you characters mail box and log into them so that the armoury refreshes if you haven't done that for a while.

None of these work for me. :(

Edit: The latest info I have gleened is that it may be because my account is EU and the server I am on is US. I'll try it on Mekkatorque tonight.

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