Monday, 7 July 2014

Coming Out - De-cloaking the Holy Warrior

I am going to de-obfuscate my gaming handle on this blog.

The first ever character I created back in Vanilla WoW was a paladin called MarcusMaximi. He is still my main today.

A long time ago, just after I started this blog, I redacted all info relating to my actual in game identity as I thought it may affect my guild standing and my chance at raid spots.

There was only one person who knew of this blog and that was my girlfriend at the time, I called her TiceNits on this blog her real game handle was Greenwood who she later re-named Kaeti.

We had started off on Kul Tiras, EU and moved over to Argent Dawn, EU when we met StupidDorf in real life shortly before TBC hit.

His real handle is Ruffly and he has all manner of alts mostly named around the ruffly meme; he also may have known about this blog.

Greenwood/Kaeti moved over first and joined a guild called Fist Me Nicely (actually called Fist of Outland) a short while later I moved too and took a long time to get to level 70, meanwhile Greenwood was raiding Karazhan.

Around the time I got MarcusMaximi to the heady level cap of 70 the guild fell apart.

Ruffly got us into the guild Rebirth which had been a top end raiding guild but had fallen apart, I referred to it as Afterbirth.

Then we all went to Nighthawks which I referred to as Fucking Tossers as it was the GM - Ardath (renamed hardass) and the RL ( a real life friend of Ruffly) who kicked me out of the guild over their inability to understand the English language, check out this post and this post.

I can't remember the RL's online name but IRL his name is Phil.

I eventually moved onto raiding with Portuguese Porkers who I named as such because the GM and RL/Pally Class lead were Portuguese. This guild was actually called Inner Circle and has gone through several changes of guild leadership since I stopped raiding with them back in WotLK

The Pally Class lead I called NicePallyClassLeader her real name was Naruriel, she has since left the game and had a baby! I named my Hunter pet after her!

Then GW/Kaeti and I parted ways IRL just as Inner Circle were starting into Sunwell which is when I stopped raiding and got into my gold making. I remained in Inner Circle and made 3 million gold before the end of WotLK.

This was when I met (in game) the only other person that knew about this blog, a guildie called Caz her blog is over at Cazmia's Ramblings.

I have now left Inner Circle, as it was a ghost town, and joined BoringAss' new guild Libertas de Dominatus.

So there we have it, I don't think there is anyone else to 'out' except BoringAss whose real in-game name is Boreas!

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