Wednesday, 23 July 2014

WoW - The Gaze is Still Active

Tonight I logged in expecting the Gaze of the Black Prince to have finished, but it is still there. I could have sworn it finished on Tuesday. Oh well. I'm not one to look a gift horse, so seeing as it was reset day I did a load more LFR

Pinnacle of Storms
Iron Qon - 1 secret (total: 11)
Twin Consorts - 1 secret (total: 12)
Lei Shen - 1 secret and some loot (total: 13)

Halls of Flesh Shaping
Durumu the Forgotten - Artery Rippers and 1 Secret (total: 14)
Primordius - no secret :(
Dark Animus - 1 secret (total: 15)

Vale of  Eternal Sorrows
Norushen - here a ninja pull caused a wipe - but on the second attempt, although I died, the group did it and got my secret (total: 16)
Sha of Pride - 1 secret (total: 17)

Last Stand of the Zandalari
Council of Elders - 1 secret and some tanking gauntlets (total: 18)

Forgotten Depths
Ji-Kun - 1 secret (total: 19)

The Underhold
Spoils - no secret :(
Thok - Here we had 2 wipes and it was getting late. No-one was listening to tactics so I am going to bed!

1 more secret required :)

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