Friday, 4 July 2014

WoD Beta - NPC: Friend or Foe and Level 90.

One of the things I had heard of about WoD was that the way that NPCs (and maybe PCs as well) are shown to you will change so that as soon as you mouse over them the will be surrounded by a shining hue to identify whether they are friendly or aggressive.

Here you can see my newbie orc hunter talking to one of the friendly NPCs surrounded by his eerie green glow.

A little while later I managed to create a level 90 template character on Gilneas called Ed - It's nice to be able to create a 2 character name.

The first thing he saw was a massive Khadgar standing at the gates of Stormwind and I think he wanted me to go to the Dark Portal. So off I went.

After waiting around for a not inconsiderable amount of time most things had loaded. But most of the Dark Portal was just plain and gray, like plain concrete. I hope this is just textures they haven't added yet!

So I picked up a quest and went off to kill things with my unimpressive number squished damage not seeming to do a heck of a lot of damage. Here you can see the aggressive red glow of an Iron Horde Orc.

After a little while I realised I hadn't chosen a spec or talents or, well, anything - Ooops!

Once I had figured that things started going a lot smoother!

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