Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Wednesday Achievement Ramble

Fish and Kungaloosh.
OK, so I went out and did a bit more fishing last night, I got myself a few stacks of nettlefish in ShoeBazaar Basin before starting the Nesingwary quests.

Why? Well I need the fish to make Fish Feast for the Northrend Gourmet (and also hopefully to swap for enchanting mats in the guild bank); as for the Nesingwary quests? Well you need to get as far into them as completing the first quests in the Panther and Rhino chains to open up the "Lemonade or Booze" chain from Mr Grimbooze. This chain when complete opens up a quest to get the final recipe required for Northrend Gourmet: Kungaloosh.

So having got that far, distilled his lemonade into some booze and tested it on the locals it's time for a quick HS back to Dalaran.

Piss-head Mage.
Off to visit the Washed Up Mage in the sewers who kindly taught me the Recipe for Kungaloosh. A quick trip to the mail box for some Glacial Salmon and Mussleback Sculpin, onto the bank for some Northern Spices and finally onto the "tree" vendor between the Inn and the alliance portal building for some berries and plums. Cook up a fish feast and some Kungaloosh and WHOOSH - Achievement: Northrend Gourmet!!

A New Title.
The next job of the evening was a quick flight into Crystalsong forest to explore the last 2 sub zones and KABLOOEY - Achievement: Explore Northrend followed by Achievement: Explorer!!

More Fishing.
So, now that the Northrend Gourmet is finally complete there is only one thing standing in the way of me and "Chef" and that is Captain Rumsey's Fucking Lager. You have to brew some up. Where do you get the recipe? From the fishing daily quest. Now, don't get me started on the fact that you have to have levelled the most annoying profession up pretty high to do another profession achievement. Cooking is pretty well linked to fishing already, that is annoying enough as it is :(

Sticking Point.
OK, some profession occasionally need materials from other profession, like Iron buckles from blacksmithing to make a certain leatherworking recipe. Several professions need alchemy potions to make things etc etc. But you can usually buy these relatively easily from the Auction House.

But you have to have a pretty high fishing skill to get the cooking Meta-Achievement? WTF Blizz? Bastards. Luckily, I am level 450 fisherman, and I was a level 375 fisherman pretty early on in TBC. I have been doing the fishing daily on and off since it appeared. BUT I HAVE NEVER HAD CAPTAIN RUMSEY'S FUCKING LAGER drop once!!!!

Oh, how this is pissing me off!!!

And Moving On...
OK, now that I have that rant out of the way, there's a few other achievements I am chasing. I just need the book from the Ledgermain Lounge for Higher Learning, I want to get one of the extreme rare spawns which is a Northrend exploration achievement, but is not required for the Explorer meta-achievement.

I have done the first of the squirrel loving achievements and started on the the second one and I have killed most of the pests required for Pest Control.

Achievement Macro's.
A lot of these have been made a lot easier by target macro's. The basic macro consists of somehting like:

/tar mobname1
/tar mobname2
/tar mobname2
[noexists] stopmacro
/script playsoundfile("Raggy Insect Kill.wmv");
/s Need to Kill %t

^^ not a real macro :P

Actual macro examples coming in a future blog post.

Kinky Sadist Lovemaking. (That's gonna get the google rank up!!)
I ripped off some of these macro's from wowwiki, that's what it's there for after all; but I want to change the sound file that plays "DIE! INSECT!" to a slightly nicer one for when the achievement involves a /love

You've got to admit it doesn't really fit, unless you are some kind of sado-masochistic freak!!

I had a quick look around the game files but couldn't find any /wav files.

HELP - Anyone know how to mine the separate files from the distribution?


HokieJayBee said...

unfortunately your goal to trade fish feasts for enchanting mats from the guild bank can't occur - as fish feasts are BoP. unless you meant your guild would keep some sort of tracking for how many feasts you laid on raids and pay you enchanting mats after the raid.

the BoP fish feasts are a real sticking point with many players that their main farmer/chef/fisherman/supplier isn't their main raider - but more some useless farmbot hunter or warlock :)

Darraxus said...

How do I get to the damn washed up mage? I see his explanation point but could not reach him 0_0

HolyWarrior said...

@Hokie - Yes unfortunately I found that out :( Damm!!

@Darrax - he is behind a grate at the end of one of the long paths going through the sewers.

Sorry for the late reply to comments - been on holiday - YAY!!