Friday, 6 March 2009

Goddam Computer

Yet again I find myself totally pissed off with my new PC. I got an invite to go to Naxx-25 again with the guild but I was disconnecting and lagging all over the place.

Vent is coolio
I was frequently at 9K latency but still with a frame rate in the 30s and then I'd freeze and crash out, but with no interruption to vent. Oh yeah, I forgot, we moved to vent from TS, it is soooo much better.

It was usually a boss fight that I'd crash out of in the middle of, but I'd usually manage to get back on-line to get some loots.

I managed not to crash out of the Thaddius fight, because I hadn't actually got to him when I DC'd!! When I got back on I managed to join with the right polarity and moved a few times with the pack but on about the third movement I was with the pack but still blew up the polarity bomb. So the lag screwed our achievement attempt :( thankfully a couple of others did it too!!

Looty Mc'Loot
So, after having to reconnect every couple of minutes it was a very tedious evening, made worse because I use an authenticator :P BUt anyway, I came out of there with 5 brand new shiny epics, all for minimum bid because I am still a non-raider - WTF???? Whose to complain? Lots of free/cheap epix:

Libram of Tolerance
Legplates of Double Strikes
Abetment Bracers
Waistguard of Divine Grace

I'm sure I got one other thing but cannot find it.

Bitter Sweet
So 5 phat epix lootz but a very frustrating evening of constantly having to logon again. With a bit of luck now that I have a good selection of Naxx-25 healing pieces and have shown up for a good few raids I will be able to get my raider rank back.

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