Sunday, 8 March 2009


WTF?? I logged on this afternoon to check what the raids were and nothing was appearing in the guild calendar thingummy.

Turns out I have been demoted to non-raider, so don't get auto invited to raids.

It's a long road to level 80.
Most of the guild leadership are aware of the personal issues I have had recently, and the reason it took so long to get to 80. But I got there retaining my Senior Raider rank.

Then, despite, ongoing personal stress I started raiding and signing for almost every raid; at least the 2 out of 3 required.

I'm still sporting T6 neck and chest but all my other armour is i-level 213. I just need to upgrade rings and trinkets and maybe my Blue Mace (Kalu'ak exalted).

I am also now fully au fait with Naxx-25 and Malygos-25 tactics.

Only NOW I am demoted to non-raider!!!!

It took all my self control not to go all emo again and do a dramatic /gquit. I'm not so self absorbed that I think I am indispensable :P


Galoheart said...

Why did they demote you?

HolyWarrior said...

Cos I've had a few personal issues and taken my time to get to 80 as RL take prioirity.

THe guild good guys new this but we've got some [title of post]'s on board now :(

hey ho!