Thursday, 5 March 2009

Achievements Update

So, when not moping around, dealing with insane amounts of personal crap or stowing away on heroic raids totally undergeared I have been working on some achievements.

I have now got heroic Naxx and Maly :)

Cleared up another couple of Northrend zones. Only took, HF, BT, Dragonblight and half of Grizzly Hills to ding

Pest Control and Squirrel Loving.
Got the 1st half of the squirrel loving achievement done, just the Northrend half to finish now, and also the pest control.

Way behind but, did put a few more Kalimdor quests behind me. Only a few hundred to go!!

Well Read.
Toured Azeroth and Kalimdor and read all the books while doing the above.

Knocked Dire Maul and Scholo off the list of dungeons required while doing Well read and Loremaster. I also got invited to a guild/pug and downed Raggy, then helped some of the puggers get LBRS and UBRS then popped into the Depths to get my achievement ticked off

Getting there, Fishing skill hit 446 when I yanked up Old Crafty from behind a big rock in the Valley of Spirits - YAY. 375-446 fishing skill just trying to get one fish. Got the wreckage pools done at the same time as pest control and loremaster stuff done and dinged 450 fishing; then toured Northrend to get the northrend pools done and catch all the little fishies I'd need for cooking.

Got all the cooking achievements done for the meta achievement apart from Northrend cooking and Captain Rumsey's Lager. Turns out you get the recipe for this from the Shattrath fishing daily. So doing that whenever possible, but it never drops :( Cooking is floating somewhere between 425 and 450, I may even have hit 450. I just have to get the ingredients for those last 3 recipes and cook them and then go over to see Nesingwary's mate and do the quest chain for Kungaloosh and then I will be Chef.

Higher Learning.
Just need the Transmutation (or whatever book from downstairs in the Ledgermain Lounge and then I have my pet and achievement. Joining our /higherlearning channel was such a great help for that, but that last bloody book refuses to spawn!!

Went and bought Pengu for the 10 pets achievement from the Kal'uak and got myself the epic fishing rod and the blue healing mace whilst I was there!!!

That's all I can think of for now. How are you guys doing?

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