Monday, 30 March 2009

Back Into Naxx

Managed to get an invite to guild naxx-25 run last night, still as a non-raider though so could only bid minimum on drops.

It was a finish up run, so I think it was military quarter, razuvious, horsemen etc followed by Sapph (or whatever) and finished up with Kel'sobad.

Upgraded the necklace that I had only just got to a nice epic one and also won a T7 chestpiece token which I handed in for a Valorous Battle Tunic or whatever the fuck it is.

Upgrades still required:
Blue Kirin Tor Cloak -> Purple cloak
All rings and trinkets
Purple mail boots -> Purple Plate Boots
Blue Kal'uak Mace -> Purple mace

Still I was hovering around 5th or 6th on my healing meters, overtaken at the last moment by a ret pally judging light :P

Edit: Really need to upgrade healing meter; WWS says I was 2nd or 3rd on most bosses :)

That is all, hopefully the fuckers will promote me back to raider soon.

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