Sunday, 1 March 2009

Malygos 25 Down

Not been on Wow much and not blogged much in the last couple of weeks, family disaster :(

Naxx-25 Finish Up
So, anyway, logged on tonight and asked the raid leader if they needed a noobadin. Yes I am still retribution and sporting quite a few level 70 epics :P

I get invited along to the last 3 bosses in Naxx-25 and we clear them out with ease, netting me some level 80 replacements for my Crystalfoge (T5) shoulders and trousers as well as a very nice healing shield. Woot!!

Onto Malygos
So off we pop to Malygos. The guild has taken him down once before on 25 man, admittedly by the skin of their teeth and by the dots finishing him off, so this isn't a guaranteed kill. We wipe and wipe.

Jumpatron 3000
Several times I managed to get into the anti-arcane shieldy things but went from 100%-0% health anyway :S Turns out Euripedes may have an answer to that. I must try that!!

Crappy Macaroon Buttons
Most attempts got as far as phase 3 but I was usually dead by then!! By the time I survived into phase 3 I was worried that the pet control bar wouldn't come up. You see I have Macaroon as my button mob and it had created problems while questing before. Namely the exit vehicle button, but also the controls sometimes failed to appear.

I used to be able to click into macaroon config mode via the mini-map button and it would toggle the pet bar on, but I must have installed an update and the button was no-where to be seen. So no pet bar.

I managed to stay with the pack for most of the fight, even though I was useless and only died towards the end, at least I wasn't the first to die!!

Before the next attempt I did a quick relog and disabled Macaroon and also managed to survive to phase 3. This time I managed to get about 2 attacks off before I died!!! But we downed Malygos anyway!! Achievement: Heroic Malygos - WOOT!!!

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end3r said...

how the world could u die so fast? its impossible...they give you a shield which reduces dmg....