Monday, 9 March 2009

450 Cooking

OMG, that was a pain in the ass. I suppose I could have blown half my stack of gold on mats but I decided I would farm the mats required to get to 450 cooking.

Pay Attention.
Luckily, as anyone who has been paying attention will know, I had already reached 450 fishing and have the very nice epic Kal'uak fishing pole and weather beaten hat, so getting the fish should have been easy!

Here Fishy Fishy.
As the mats for the small feast are quite similar to the Fish Feast that I am intending to cook and swap for enchanting mats in the guild bank, I decided Gigantic feast was the way to get to 450. Mammoths, Rockfin Groupers and Deep Sea Monsterbellies watch out!!

Only 25 skill points and 2 of each ingredient required. So 2.5 stacks of each.

4 odd stacks later and I'm still at 444 - ARGH!!

So another trip down to my favourite fishing spot in the Frozen Sea, 2 more stacks of each fish followed by a flight up to annoy those D.E.H.T.A. folks by killing all their mammoths and I finally hit 450 cooking. And Whoopee I still have 90 Northern Spices left!!!

Now I am going to sit in the Ledgermain Lounge until that god-damn book spawns!

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