Friday, 27 March 2009

And More Heroics

Seems I'm getting into this healing heroics lark. After the foray into Nexus I picked up the daily heroic and went into Utgarde Keep.

Might I add I had to do all the hard work of getting the groups together, but at least I wasn't looking for a healer and a tank, just the tank!

Anyway, so into UK we went and had a couple of wipes on the Plunderer at the end but that was all, and only a few careless dps deaths on the way.

I really only wanted Annhylde's Ring (which didn't drop) but managed to pick up the Tattered Castle Drape for the tank set to upgrade my Gilded Thorium Cloak and Skullcage of Eternal Terror to replace my ret-set Thought-Purifying Protector.

Oh well, lets see what happens tommorrow.

edit: however, both those upgrade were BoE so I am going to sell them seeing as I probably will never get to tank or dps now that I am 80!!

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Galoheart said...

Keep hope alive, you will get the drops eventually :)