Saturday, 27 September 2014

WoW - Third Trip into LFR For the Runestones

Saturday night, and what better way to spend it that bashing your head against Galakras in LFR! Well, there are many better ways, but this is what I planned.

If I manage to get 2 Runestones off the first 3 bosses then I can go and kill Lei Shen again and not have to wait until next Wednesday.

I have never been on the tower team at Galakras before (tell a lie, I have once, when I was very drunk and therefore can't remember it very well) so was a little nervous. It turned out to be fine. To start with the leader wanted to go when we were only at 19 people. Err ... No!

Then we had a wipe because one of the NPCs died and the DPS was all over the place. On the second attempt we got him but there was no Runestone.

Then it was onto the big robot thing and this was an easy 1-shot for once, but no Runestone either.

This means I will need to get at least one Runestone before going for Lei Shen and it will have to be on Wednesday /sadface.

After the Juggernaut it was off to do the Shamans(sic) We had a wipe here too and then got them on the second attempt and I finally got a Runestone. Well. Still one more to get next week then.

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