Thursday, 25 September 2014

WoD Beta - Mists Gear Doesn't Change Stats in WoD!

Well, it would appear that your MoP gear doesn't change stats when you change specs. I popped into the Beta tonight and joined a dungeon queue as a healer.

Once I got in I let the crew know that this was my first outing as a healer in Beta.

I had heard, like Blizz claimed for MoP also, that the healing was not going to be about keeping everyone topped off but more about keeping the team stable around 60% maybe. So I was mentally prepared for what could look quite scary.

Off we go and things turn VERY SCARY very quickly. Everyone keeps dropping down super fast and my heals are doing maybe 5-10% repair work! People keep dying and ressing right at the start of the dungeon and running straight back into the fight and dying again.

It is not helped of course that I am portrait click, heal button press healing as I do not have my healing spells macroed and have no addons installed. Come back Grid, all is forgiven.

As it turns out this was not my problem. I had assumed that all my Ret gear had turned into  Healing gear when I spec-switched. After a full wipe the tank asked in /party why I was in strength gear. "Doesn't it swap?" I asked. "Not MoP stuff" was the answer - DOH!

I quickly changed gear and we pull again and soon wipe on the first boss. This time it is purely down to click press healing. I make my apologies and say the group deserves a better healer and leave.

They were all very nice and amicable about it though, not a single "Nub!"

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