Saturday, 20 September 2014

WoW - Legendary - Spirit of the Storm Lord

I picked up the next stage of the Legendary questline a couple of weeks ago now. The Spirit of the Storm Lord requires you to get to the last stage of the Isle of Thunder (well that was obviously done a long while ago now).

Once you have unlocked the final courtyard you need to thrust the Lightning Lance into Nalak and survive long enough for it to be tempered.

I wowheaded the quest and fond that it was best to go to the northern steps, thrust the lance and then run north away from him.

This I did, but walked backwards for too long before just turning round and running so I took a big hit to the face.

I then ran around kiting the ad whilst all the NPCs fought Nalak and then I died just as I got the tempered item - woot!

Off for another chat with Anduin and the Black Prince...

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