Tuesday, 23 September 2014

WoW - Legendary Progress - Titan Runestones

Tonight I went into LFR to start the Titan Runestone collection as we have the Gaze of the Black Prince buff still going.

So I started off in Pinnacle of Storms and 1-shot all three bosses, but only Lei Shen gave me a Runestone

Then I did Halls of Flesh Shaping, when I zoned in the first boss was dead, but we 1 shot the last 2 - Primordius and Dark Animus - who both kindly gave me a runestone.

Then into Siege and of course the obligatory wipe on Galakras with 30 minutes before a server shutdown that is apparently going to last 10 hours!

Hopefully tomorrow I will go in and do 14 bosses and get a 50% drop rate and be finished this part of the quest chain in 2 days!

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