Friday, 26 September 2014

WoD Beta and PTR - My Latest Observations.

Apparently patch 6.0.2 is up on the PTR with the Blasted Lands/Dark Portal changes.

I thought I would go and have a look on the Beta. Apparently the Dark Portal is red now.

Nethergarde keep has been taken over by the horde but it does still shows as having an Alliance flight path on the map. I reported this as a bug.

The alliance seem to have a base on the beach just south east of Nethergarde but no-one seemed to have a quest for me.

I then went to the Red Portal but you can't just go through it. It turns out you have to speak to Kadgar via his dialog box and he will sen you through.

As he does so there is a great cinematic and the otherside of the portal is quite a daunting; until youdrop back into the game and it's nowhere near as scary!

Stood there at the top of the steps looking out over Hellfire Peninsula, or whatever it's called in Beta, took me right back to TBC :)

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