Wednesday, 24 September 2014

WoW - Legendary Runestones Week 2

Well, I didn't manage to do all 14 bosses tonight, so I haven't finished yet! I did however, manage to get the ToT bosses done.

First off was Pinnacle. In here the first 2 bosses were stingy. Then we had a wipe on Lei Shen. But the 2nd attempt got the job done and I got my guaranteed Runestone.

Then it was onto the Halls and on boss 1 I died, but still got my Runestone :) Boss 2 followed shortly afterwards with another Runestone!

The final boss was another one-shot and another Runestone. So Halls was very nice to me tonight.

So 7 Runestones down - 5 to go.  Methinks I won't be finished this week, but if I leave pinnacle until last next week I should easily be OK to get the heart without having to repeat Lei Shen.

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