Friday, 26 September 2014

WoW - Runestones Week 2 Day 2

After my wander around the Beta earlier I popped into Siege to see how many Runestones I could get tonight.

The adventure started well with Immerseus giving me a stone but then the Protectors and Norushen were tight arses. The run finished with a wipe on the Sha of Pride followed by a quick kill and another Runestone.

9/12 Runestones and 1 four boss raid wing to go this raid lock out

So I drop into Gates and they've already dropped the Shamans (sic) so it's a little wander through some trash and we're at General Naz. After the obligatory 'No deeps on def stance blah blah' we got down to business and he was soon dead, bringing my total to 10 Runestones.

At least tomorrow I won't have to wade through the whole of Gates. But I will have to fight the 3 bosses that seem to give the LFR groups I join the biggest problems.

So, will I be able to get 2 Runestones from 3 bosses. Unlikely but we'll see. Watch this Space.

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