Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday Goblin Update

Err, the same title as the last post. Oops, seems I have been so busy at work there have been no blog posts.

Anyways. Seems my normal bank er had to send 1100 gold to my scribe for sales of cards and runesrcolls that I had not considered. Normal banker is still around 12K Scribe is around 15K.

Scribe has a 32 slot bag of ink and about 400 SFI.

The crash and burn failed. I was turning over a ridiculous amount of glyphs that my stocks of ink were running low. To add to that one of my competitors is obviously very clever and kept the AH dry of herbs. So I reset my parameters to normal levels.

I 'say' it failed. I can't really say. I don't know if I lost any minor competitors. I know my 3 main competitors are still around (they may be alts of the same)

I am now making big money per sale again so I will continue that until I am fully stocked on inks to try again.

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